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House Rules

-Death occurs at -CON
example:Steve’s CON is 17 he dies at -17

-Re-roll 1’s on HD

-Characters are granted Action Points equal to 5+1/2 Level, only one Action Point may be used per Actions. Action Points Replenish upon gaining a new level.
-Level 1-7 Action Point= 1d6
-Level 8-14 Action Point= 2d6
-Level 15-20 Action Point= 3d6
-There is no longer a penalty for Cross Class Skills

-Class Skills receive a bonus equal to their Class Level

-DEX governs to hit.

-Armor and Damage Revisions
-Hit at Touch AC
-Armor has Damage Reduction instead of an Armor Class Bonus
-Flatfooted: Remains the same.
-Touch Attacks: Remain the same.

-Weapon Speed Modifiers!
Light weight weapons will now be given a speed bonus to hit, penalties can be reduced by a players STR modifier
Weapon Weights and Speed Modifiers
-1 lb | +3
1 lb | +2
2 lb | +1
3 lb | +1
4 lb | +0
5 lb | +0
6 lb | -1
7 lb | -1
8 lb | -2
9 lb | -2
10 lb| -3
11 lb| -3
12 lb| -4

The Expenses of Living
Players will be expected to eat regularly or suffer from fatigue.
Should Players take up a residence they may be required to pay rent.

Eberron World Notes
Calendar Structure
Days: Sul, Mol, Zol, Wir, Zor, Far, Sar
Olarune(late winter/Sentinel)
Therendor(early spring/Healing)
Eyre(mid spring/Making)
Dravago(late spring/Handling)
Nymm(early summer/Hospitality)
Lharvion(mid summer/Detection)
Barrakas(late summer/Finding)
Rhoon(early autumn/Scribing)
Sypheros(mid autumn/Shadow)
Aryth(late autumnPassage)
Vult(early winterWarding)
Constellations/Draconic Association
Aasterinian / Invention and Trade
Astilabor / Wealth
Bahamut / Protection and Good Fortune
Chronepsis / Fate and Prophecy
Falazure / Death and Decay
Garyx / Chaos and Destruction
Hlal / Humor
Io / Magic and Knowledge
Lendys / Justice and Law
Tamarn / Life
Tiamat / Greed and Power

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